White Spirit

Restless Spirits, Book 1

Tristan Johnson is done with the past, his own and the visions he sees. After an accident involving his unstable psychic ability, he starts over in Asheville, NC. Hidden Forest Apartments seems like the perfect place for him – his friends live there, it’s close to work, and the Blue Ridge Mountains surround it.

But Hidden Forest has a dark secret. Legend has it that a ghost known only as The White Lady haunts the building. They say if you see her, you die, and the place has the bloody history to possibly prove it.

Tristan doesn’t buy into the legend until he sees someone push his best friend Zack out of a window. Zack’s fiancée Kayla swears The White Lady did it. She begs Tristan to use his power to find out why. But Tristan isn’t sure he can trust his power.

When the ghost targets him, he may not have a choice.

McKenna Ellison hunts ghosts for a living. Working with Restless Spirits, Inc., she uses her empathic gift to help ghosts cross over and to heal the living left behind. But this case hits close to home. Ten years earlier, The White Lady killed her brother. She’ll fight to make sure the ghost doesn’t take another life.

Can Tristan learn to trust McKenna? Can they and the rest of the Restless Spirits paranormal investigation team stop the White Lady before she kills again?

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